We are open!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Well we have finally opened. Thanks to all of you who have helped us with your encouragement and good wishes. We are still facing the challenges of doing business in California. The city is requiring that we add big ventilators to our showroom‚ this will be completed over the next few weeks. We are slowly adding to our inventory‚ being very careful to hand pick each coach‚ and make sure we are not cannibalizing sales from our other units. It takes us 4 full days to prepare a coach for sale‚ so we are staggering our incoming vehicles accordingly. We are very excited about the amount of interest we are receiving‚ particularly given the time of year. Our print advertising will start kicking in around Christmas‚ and we are really looking forward to 06. There is a lot of good news for those of us that enjoy the Motorcoach lifestyle. Fuel prices have taken a dramatic turn in the right direction‚ a station near our home is now selling diesel at $2.69 a gallon (it had been as high as $3.89!). Lot sales at the existing RV resorts have been brisk‚ and there are plans for quite a few new parks around the country. Also some of the major roads and interstate’s in our neck of the woods are finishing up on needed repair and expansion projects. We will be looking to add a salesperson in the near future. If you are interested or know someone that might be please let us know. We do have a few requirements‚ they (you) must be a coach owner‚ a non-smoker‚ have a sincere appreciation of people‚ the RV lifestyle‚ and have a strong working knowledge of high-line coaches and their systems. A candidate must also have a low pressure demeanor‚ be honest beyond reproach‚ and possess excellent communication skills. Computer skills would be helpful especially experience with Macintosh. Any interested parties please send a resume to Steve@CaliforniaCoachCompany.com.

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